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Okli Projekt - Maknetik Fields (Okk033)

Published November 21, 2008

This bunch had been advertizing on myspace already, portraying themselves as a mysterious projekt. Well, they are. We can’t disclose much information unfortunately, as Okli Projekt wish to remain anonymous. (Remember The Residents?)

Okli Projekt’s first outing was with their Blft track on the first Okkulth Magick sampler and they follow suit here with a proper release, consisting of three mysterious ambient numbers. These were created trans-atlantically. It is said that they aren’t from the UK, even though their myspace claims they are... We shan’t add any more mystery than there already exists. Just delve into their world and be consumed by discomfort, beauty and calmness.


Run time 22:42


The intention of Okkulth releases is that they are dubbed onto a cassette. These songs will fit onto one side of a C60 tape. It is recommended that you use the PDF file to print the artwork. In the unlikely event that you want to burn a CDR, you can use either the low-resolution thumbnail file or freely alter the artwork provided in the BMP image.

Okli Projekt are Hohhnn, Pahhnn and Tohhnn. More at:

Okkulth can also be found at:


Reviewer: Joel Kinberger - - November 21, 2008
Subject: a mysterious projekt indeed.
Broken, but still very clean sounds... the second track is good, wished it was longer.
I like the outcome of this project, and hopes to hear more in near future.
Great goin(!)

-Joel Kinberger